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Select Smart Choices: Unveiling the Advantages of Smart Packaging

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is king. But as consumers demand products that are easy to use and convenient to dispose of, the environmental impact of packaging has never been greater. That’s where smart packaging comes in…

UN treaty On Plastic Containers.

175 nations agree to develop a legally binding agreement on plastic pollution by 2024, prompting a major step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions from…

How Ecocan Africa Is Helping Combat Counterfeits.

We enable over 14% of a Craft brewery’s glass market circulation to be reused and helps reduce the PET recyclers processing loss rate from +20% to under 2%

Governments climate action initiatives

Governments worldwide are enacting laws to combat climate change. Recent legislation mandates eco-friendly practices in industries like manufacturing and transportation, reducing carbon footprints.

Green Economy fostering preservation

 This proactive approach aims to preserve the environment for future generations while fostering a green economy. Stay tuned for updates on these groundbreaking initiatives!

Community led Eco-friendly campaigns

Communities worldwide are banding together to fight climate change through eco-friendly initiatives. From tree-planting campaigns to plastic-free initiatives, grassroots efforts are making a significant impact.