Re-imagining Sustainability

At ECOCAN, sustainability encompasses more than just environmental preservation. It transcends to healthy and thriving communities.

As catalysts of positive change, we leverage advanced technology to sustainably manage product packaging across the entire value chain, while preserving consumer health against counterfeit products.

Brand protection, packaging recycling, consumer engagement, All-in-one!

We provide a green-tech platform that helps producers increase profitability and sustainability by significantly reducing counterfeiting of their products. The platform also supports the extensive collection of post-consumer packaging waste for closed-loop recycling. 

Moreover, this platform enables consumers to reliably identify genuine products from fake before purchase, and to earn money by recycling their used product packaging. 

We further facilitate customized, incentivized, and gamified interactions between producers, consumers, and packaging recyclers.

Our Vision

At the heart of our identity is a strong commitment to nurture a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future. And our ambition is to create lasting impact to both the environment and to the life it sustains.

We have commenced this challenging but exciting journey in developing markets where intervention is imperative and most pressing. And our first product line is beverage packaging. We believe that our aspiration can only be fully realised through meaningful partnerships, and collaboration with communities leading the charge for change.

Recycling is cooperation!

Our Identity
A strong belief in cooperation, formidable spirit of resilience, the ability to re-imagine, courage to disrupt and willingness to take risks, are the essence of ECOCAN’s DNA. We pledge to uphold these values throughout our journey. That’s our promise to you.
Our Commitment
Environmental, health and economic sustainability are our north stars, while promoting healthier and fulfilled communities remain our ultimate focus. We think we have a solid plan to achieve this, and we invite you to join us on this once-in-a-generation revolution!

PET bottles

Used every second globally, but 86% of used bottles are mismanaged.


Glass bottles

Used every hour: 80% of used bottles are mismanaged.


Aluminium Cans

Are consumed everyday: 30% is mismanaged.

Our Work

Environmental conservation

Brand protection

Consumer engagement

Latest news

How ECOCAN is combating counterfeits

Our Suppoters

As true testament to our collaborative spirit, these strategic partners are instrumental to bringing our aspirations to fruition. Cheers to them, or as they say in Finland, hölökyn kölökyn!


The Sustainable Inclusive Business Report
“Kenya is in transition to a circular economy. This report provides an overview of circular economy trends, existing gaps, and available opportunities for businesses. Kenya’s shift to a circular economy as an alternative economic framework is supported by legal and policy frameworks, fostering meaningful collaborations between government agencies and the private sector.”
Researcher Paul Lutta
“Institutions combating counterfeiting are not doing enough to protect Kenyans. Kenya remains vulnerable to counterfeits mainly because it has long porous borders with Somalia, Uganda, and Tanzania (across Lake Victoria), which reduce the ability to detect counterfeit smugglers.”
Kenya Poverty and Equity Assessment (KPEA)
“Kenya can build on past success to accelerate poverty reduction and boost equity. Connecting the poor to the country’s economic growth calls for a policy focus on raising the working poor’s productivity in agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors where most are deployed.”